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How to Join

It's simple to sign up and start building your better financial future!

To become a member of Pasadena FCU, just take a few minutes to complete an easy-to-use online form or visit our branch office at 1285 N. Lake Avenue (just south of the Food 4 Less supermarket).

You are eligible to join us if you:

  • Work for the California cities of Pasadena, San Gabriel, Sierra Madre or South Pasadena
  • Work for one of our many Select Employer Groups
    • Please note: For certain Select Employer Groups (SEGs), eligibility may also be available for volunteers, members or students - please see applicable SEG listing for details.
  • Have a family member or household member who is a current member of Pasadena FCU
  • Are a retiree or pensioner of the City of Pasadena or a Select Employee Group
  • Are a member of the Friends of the Pasadena Public Library organization (a minimum $25 donation is required to join Friends of the Pasadena Public Library)

See if your company or organization already offers Pasadena FCU benefits.

Note: If you work for a local business or organization that doesn't offer credit union membership to its employees and you are interested in this value-oriented employee benefit, please contact our Business Development team or e-mail us at

Click on the button and start the membership process to begin your best financial future!

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