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Direct Deposit & Payroll Deduction

Our direct deposit service allows your payroll check, social security check or interest payments to be safely and conveniently deposited into your Pasadena FCU account electronically.

Why Should I Set Up Direct Deposit?

  • Save time - avoid waiting in line to deposit your check
  • Security - no worrying over lost or stolen checks
  • Access funds through our Online Banking, Mobile App, Telephone Teller, ATMs, and more
  • Establish a systematic savings plan (e.g., building for the future, college tuition, home improvement, etc.)
  • Automatic loan payments ensure timely payments - no late fees

Is it Easy to Set Up?

  • Simply contact whoever issues your check (e.g., your employer, government agency) and confirm that they offer direct deposit
  • If direct deposit is offered, provide the payer with our routing number and your Pasadena FCU account number in a 10-digit format (add zeros before the number to achieve 10 digits if a savings account, or copy the digits from your check as shown below)
  • Allow 2 pay cycles for your direct deposit to become effective

To set up direct deposit for your tax refund, you will need our Routing Number and your Pasadena FCU account number in a 10-digit format (add zeros before the number to achieve 10 digits if a savings account or copy the second series of digits from a check associated with your checking account). Enter this information on your tax form.

Check image highlighting where the Routing Number, Account Number, and Check number are on a check

When filing a joint tax return, your refund must be deposited into a joint account. If you have any questions, please call us at (626) 799-0882 or (800) 445-PFCU (7328).

Pasadena Routing Number: 322280728

Payroll Deduction

Another option is payroll deduction, which allows you to set an amount to be regularly deducted from your payroll check and have it automatically deposited into any Pasadena FCU Checking or Savings Account. You may also set up payroll deduction to make automatic payments on your Pasadena FCU loans, although we strongly recommend using Online Banking to do this instead, as automatic payment in Online Banking offers more flexibility and control.

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