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Access My Credit Card Info

Stay in full control of your finances.

When you're out shopping, it's nice when you can go to one place and find pretty much everything you need.

The same goes for managing your credit card: as a Pasadena Federal Credit Union member, you have easy access to a single website that provides up-to-date information about your Visa credit card. At, you can:
  • View your Pasadena FCU Visa card information
  • Make payments
  • Dispute charges
  • Check available credit
  • View recent transactions and payment history
  • Transfer balances from other credit cards to your Pasadena FCU card

It's wise to keep close tabs on everything going on with your credit card. At Pasadena FCU, members can register to receive text or email transaction alerts via our Online Banking service. To get started, watch our easy-to-follow alerts demo.

Low Rates Save You Money

Our Visa credit cards are the go-to option. And with access to, you can make sure you're getting your card's full benefits!
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