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Woman smiles behind the wheel of a car while her mother observes proudly from the passenger seat.

Car Buying Service

Members get access to the best vehicle buying service in the nation.

How it works:
You meet, go online, or call an Auto Expert Advisor at the credit union. Tell them the exact vehicle you
want, new or pre-owned. Tell them the make, model and options you want. Auto Expert goes to work for
you, searching vast resources to find the exact vehicle you want, at the best price and payments. Your Auto
Expert Advisor will even clear up confusing rebates, 0% financing and other dealer options. Delivery will take
place at your Pasadena Federal Credit Union branch where you’ll complete the paperwork and drive home in
your new vehicle!

How you save:
Auto Expert will save you time. You won’t have to deal with high-pressure salespeople, or make the rounds
of dealership after dealership to find what you’re looking for. The Auto Expert experience will be the
most hassle-free vehicle purchase you’ve ever made. Because Auto Expert buys so many cars each year,
we often get volume discounts, which are passed on to you. We’ll look for every possible way to save you
money. From the first contact, to the delivery of your vehicle, a friendly, knowledgeable Auto Expert Advisor
will be there to help.

How do I get in touch with Auto Expert?
A Pasadena FCU representative can forward your contact information to Auto Expert on your behalf, or you can call Auto Expert directly at 800-359-4567. Auto Expert really is the best way to buy a vehicle, and it’s another money-saving advantage you get as a member of Pasadena Federal Credit Union.

Pasadena Federal Credit Union is not affiliated with Auto Expert and does not endorse, warrant, or guarantee the product or the services offered by them.
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