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Fee Schedule
Effective Date August 1, 2017
Subject to change

ACCOUNT FEES - applicable to all accounts
$29 Return deposit item

$5 Cashier's Check (per item)

$3 Copy of Cashier's Check (per item)

$25 Stop payment on Cashier's Check

$25 IRA Transfer to another Financial Institution

$1 Money Order* (per item)

$3 Returned mail

$25 Outgoing Domestic Wire

$50 Outgoing International Wire-limit one per month-other restrictions may apply

$50 Process Levy or Money Judgment

$30 Research (per hour)

$10 Verification of Deposit

$25 Rush Verification of Deposit

5% Coin received over $100

$2 Excessive withdrawal fee from all Savings Accounts (more than 6 per month, per withdrawal)

$2 Savings Account Below Minimum Balance (End of month aggregate balance less than $100)

$10 Account Reactivation Fee (within 6 months)

$2 Escheat Notice Fee

$2 Paper Statement Copy

Free Direct Checking with $50 minimum direct deposit per month

Free eChecking (if enrolled in Personal Branch Online Banking and eStatements)

Free Student Checking up to age 25

$3** Classic Checking monthly fee (waived if minimum daily balance of $300 is maintained)

$5 GSGLA Troop Checking monthly fee (effective 2/1/17)

$8** Advantage Checking monthly fee (waived if minimum daily balance of $800 is maintained)

$2 Check copy (2 free per month)

$25 NSF fee

$25 Stop payment fee

$25 Bill Pay Stop Payment Fee

$25 Bill Pay NSF Fee

$25 Courtesy Pay fee (per item)

$3 Temporary Checks (per sheet)

$25 NSF Fee

$25 Per check item cleared (3 free per month)

$25 Stop Payment Fee

$2 Check Copy Fee (2 free per month)

$2 Excessive Withdrawal Fee (more than 6 per month, per withdrawal)

$10 Early withdrawal penalty (per withdrawal)

FREE ATM deposits and withdrawals (ATM owner may surcharge)

$10 Replacement card - 1 free per year

$10 Deposit error correction

$25 ATM return check fee

$40 (or higher)-Rush order ATM/Debit Cards

$25 ATM Empty Envelope Deposit Fee


$25 Stop payment on ACH

$25 Bill Pay Stop Payment

$25 Bill Pay NSF

FREE Internet Banking

FREE Bill Pay

FREE Sprig Mobile Banking (www.getsprig.com)

FREE Check Imaging

$350 Home Equity processing fee (loans $100,000 or less)

$550 Home Equity processing fee (loans over $100,000)

$30 Demand (per institution)

$10 Lien Satisfied

$200 Loan Subordination


Loan Late Charge - 20% of interest due (Minimum of $5)

$10 Loan Extension Fee

$29 Return Loan payment check

$25 DMV Documentation Fee

$10 Notary or Medallion Guarantee service for members (per signature)

$10 Pay by Phone

$3.50 VISA Gift Card Fee

$4.95 Reloadable VISA Debit Card Fee

$10 Non-Member Check Cashing Fee

* Fee waived for Prime Time Members (55 Years of Age)

** Monthly fee also waived for member 55 years and older or if account has a $2,500 Certificate/Super Variable or $20,000 on deposit, excluding checking balances.

Offer limited to one checking account at PFCU

Pasadena Branch
P O Box 7132
Pasadena, CA 91109-7132
626-799-0882 or 1-800-445-PFCU

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