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Traveling Abroad?  You may need an EMV Chip Card from PFCU

Europay-MasterCard-Visa (EMV) chip cards have been the card payment standard in Europe for
purchases and ATM/Debit transactions. EMV technology uses an embedded microprocessor to enhance security
at point-of-sale purchases. Technology is changing and we’re changing with it. PFCU has begun
work on converting our VISA Credit Cards to chip-enabled cards. Watch for updates in the mail.
In the meantime, we’ve introduced an EMV Prepaid MasterCard perfect for overseas travel, which also can be used as an alternative to credit card or debit card transactions here in the states. The minimum load amount is $100
and maximum is $5,000. The ATM daily withdrawal limit is $400. Here are some facts to consider
before moving to a Prepaid EMV card:

Cost: $10.00 per card
Replacement fee: $5.00
Reloading: $2.00 at PFCU**
Inactivity fee: $2.50 after 3 months
ATM withdrawal fee: $2.00 per withdrawal;
$2.50 International (1 free per mo.)
42 month expiration date
Foreign currency conversion fee: 1% of the transaction amount

**Funds can be loaded into the card by visiting our branch or through the internet at www.PpdTravelEMV.com. You
may also visit a retail location nationwide to load via a Green Dot.
The card must be activated by the purchaser by calling (855) 898-0087 and will require
an assigned PIN before using the card, or activate your card at www.PpdTravelEMV.com. Your
identity will be verified.

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